Couple Psychotherapy

Couple Psychotherapy

Are you at a time when communication problems, conflicts generated by jealousy or money management, parental style, lack of emotional intimacy, sexuality, relationships with extended family have appeared in your life as a couple?

Have you just found out that you have been cheated and the infidelity makes you think that the couple relationship has been ruined? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you have the feeling of alienation from your partner, as if you were light-years away from each other?

Save your relationship, come to couple psychotherapy!

In case you are still holding back about whether or not to resort to couples psychotherapy, I invite you to see if you find yourself in one of the statements below.

ʺHow it has worked so far, will still work from now on.ʺ Maybe it still works, but with what emotional costs for you? Besides, if you postpone, is there a risk that things will get worse to the point where there is no turning back?

ʺI can learn from friends what to do.ʺ Yes, you could see what works for them as a couple, but it's important to keep in mind that you are different, unique, have different personal life histories and it does not work to ʺcopy itʺ.

ʺPsychotherapy is expensive.ʺ Yes, it requires an extra financial effort, but your life and happiness are priceless!

ʺPsychotherapy entails involvement.ʺ Yes, but instead of struggling to survive in a burdensome couple relationship, is it better for you to make efforts in the direction of change that ultimately brings you the benefits of a fulfilled couple life?

What's important to know before you contact me for an appointment

  • it is necessary for the partner to want to participate in couple psychotherapy sessions
  • I will be on the side of the relationship, I do not tilt the balance either on your side or on your partner's side, but I will listen to each of you with openness and warmth, without being biased and without judging you!
  • it requires a constant participation in psychotherapy sessions, which, most often, take place with a weekly or bimonthly frequency
  • the price of a 50-minute session is 350 lei
  • the psychotherapy office is centrally located, in Bucharest, District 4, Unirii Square area
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